About Us

C‘nS (Cool and Smart) is an English magazine published by PPUL LIA (LIA Publishing Center and Other Ventures), a Yayasan LIA’s business unit. PPUL LIA (formerly LIA Publishing Center) began publishing an English magazine named CONTACT in 1993. It was the first English magazine in Indonesia to be published by a leading English institution catering to its own LIA students who are in need of good English reading materials. In 2011, CONTACT magazine was rejuvenated by changing its name into C‘nS (Cool and Smart). The make-over was intended to make the magazine more laid-back and fun. The publication is now not exclusively for LIA students, it is for the consumption of the youthful public in general.

C’nS magazine is specially designed for teens who intend to boost their English proficiency enabling them to practice using English in a cool and smart way. The content covers diverse educational, informational, and entertaining topics. A number of articles come with a glossary to facilitate readers’ absorption of the content. A C’nS bonus consisting of an English exercise is included in every issue to give readers a chance to test their English competency and snag cool prizes at the same time. Published eight times annually, the periodical is also available for outside subscribers.

Stepping into the world of the digital media in 2018, C’nS magazine has come out in its own digital version. Accessed at www.coolnsmartmagz.co.id, the online version of the magazine is aimed not only to keep up with the demands of the digital era, but also to facilitate readers’ access to the magazine’s content. In addition, the site not only features current issues, but also enables readers to improve their academic skills through columns/sections such as Let’s Chat, Homework Assistance, and National Exam. At the same time, the website also provides a means for teachers to enhance their teaching skills.