And the Journey Begins


When I enrolled at SMA Muhammadiyah 11, my first thought was, “What will I learn for the next three years?” Well, apparently learning at this school involves a lot of journeys…

By Arief Hadi Purwono

Students Exchange

One of the amazing moments during my journeys in Muhammadiyah II came in April 2005. After completing a series of tests, two students from our school were sent to USA for a student exchange program, called the Central Civic Education. And I was one of the lucky students! Ami, the other student, and I spent one whole month in West Virginia, at the Women’s College of West Virginia. We met a lot of other students from many other countries. It was a long and tiring journey from Indonesia to USA. I felt what a real jet lag was really like for the first few days. But it was worth it! There, we studied everything about American culture, history and governance system. We attended many classes and held discussions. But what we learned best came from interacting directly with people from numerous countries. There was a special class where all of the participants were asked to make a special art project, and my team decided to make a painting. Aside from learning, we also had fun. On our last few days, we went on a holiday and saw many attractions. I also got a chance to stay with a host family for two days.

Sahur on the Road

Our school has a special tradition that is held in every fasting month called “Sahur on the Road” “In Sahur on the Road, students travel around Jakarta at midnight to give food to the homeless who don’t have any food for sahur. It may not be a big thing, but are very happy to see that we get to share with others.

Usually, we divide the team into groups so that we can reach more people. Some students get on cars, others on motorcycles. Our journey begins precisely at midnight and ends approximately at 3.00 AM. Since this is my third year in high school, last year’s Sahur on the Road was my last one.