Animal Names Used As Verbs


Some animal names can be directly used as verbs, meaning to act like that animal. An example is badger, which means to harass on and on. Other names may have a meaning that reflects the animal’s characteristic. Check out the following list of such animal names.

  1. Wolf something down: to eat food very quickly (gobble)
    Feeling starved, the travelers wolfed down their food in just ten minutes.
  2. Dog: (of problem or bad luck) to cause you trouble for a long time
    Vincent had been dogged by money problems since his parents died.
  3. Crow: to talk too proudly about something achieved (boast)
    Alfin kept on crowing about having won the national mathematics contest.
  4. Hawk: to try to sell things by going from place to place asking people to buy them (peddle)
    At the National Fair, a lot of sellers hawked all kinds of goodies.
  5. Snake: to move like a snake
    The line of people trying to get tickets for the big concert snaked along the street for hundreds of meters.
  6. Fish for something: to try to get something or find out something
    Doris was fishing for compliments when she showed us the pictures she had drawn for the contest.
  7. Duck: to lower your head or body suddenly to avoid being seen or hit
    Tom ducked when Ben threw the ball at him.
  8. Ape: to copy the way somebody else behaves or talks in order to make fun of them
    Henry aped his younger brother to tease him.
  9. Squirrel away: to hide something in a secret place
    The beggar squirreled away the money in a cardboard box under his bed.
  10. Pig out: to gorge yourself with food
    At parties, hungry teenagers would pig out on the free food.
  11. Rat on: to leave or betray one’s comrades by giving information
    The mafia boss got caught because one of his men ratted on
  12. Leech: to attach yourself to another like a leech
    As soon as she realized how useful the new classmate was, Marina leeched on to her.
  13. Crane your neck: to stretch your neck toward something to see better
    Standing at the back of the crowd, little Berno craned his neck to catch a glimpse of the famous actor.
  14. Rabbit on: to talk continuously about somebody or something that is not important or interesting
    I wish Arilla would stop rabbiting on about her new boyfriend.
  15. Monkey around: to play the fool or to behave playfully
    Now stop monkeying around, Dennis; for once be serious, will you?
  16. Chicken out: to lose courage
    As soon as the warrior saw how big his enemy was, he chickened out and fled.
  17. Clam up: to keep your mouth firmly shut
    When asked questions about the murder of the popular singer, his family all clammed up.
  18. Bug:
    1. to install a secret listening device in a room or device I can’t talk on the phone, it has been bugged.
    2. to annoy Marton has been bugging his parents to buy him an Android cell phone.


Complete the blanks with the correct form of the right animal verbs.

  1. Watch your head, Brent, that girl is aiming her snowball at it! Duck! …………….!
  2. Others might be bored to death, but I actually like Toni’s never ending stories about football. He could …………… for hours.
  3. The gang didn’t trust Heinrich because he might just go and tell the enemy about what they had plotted. He was most likely to ……………his own bunch of crooks.
  4. Please leave me alone, Alan. You’re so getting on my nerves. Stop ………me!
  5. Poor He’s been ………… by one problem after another.
  6. Every time Henro sees Julia, he doesn’t have the confidence to ask her out on a date. He would just………….and run off.
  7. Now remember, if anyone asks about our plan, don’t tell, okay? Just ………….
  8. Cathy’s so nosy. She hasn’t been invited to the meeting, so now she’s trying to ………….. the details of the discussion.
  9. You should try not to be so greedy when eating out with others. Don’t …………..
  10. Behind the teacher, Udo is mimicking every gesture she makes. She’ll probably freak out if she knows he is………….her.

Please check the answers to the activity above on April 9, 2018.

Here are the answers to the article of Leonardo: A Genius from Vinci.

Exercise 1

  1. April 15, 1452
  2. Andrea del Verrocchio
  3. In the Louvre, Paris
  4. 1495-1498
  5. A helicopter and glider

Exercise 2

  1. False
  2. True
  3. True
  4. False
  5. Not Clear