Audition AyoDance Mobile : Dance, Love, and Friendship


Follwing the success of Audition AyoDance for PC, PT Megaxus Infotech launched the mobile version of the game on January 16, 2018. Attended by a number of celebrities and social media/Internet stars like Raffi Ahmad and Donna Visca, the press conference and official launching of the game was held at Queenshead Pub, Kemang, Jakarta.

In addition to its mobility, which enables players to play wherever and whenever, AyoDance Mobile is equipped with features such as the Story Mode, Field Battle, Magic Card, Secret Cube Mode and many more. The game also encourages players to socialize using features such as the chat box, the friend system, the couple system, and the guild system. At the end of the event, the CEO of PT Megaxus Infotech, Eva Muliawati, gave a closing speech in which she expressed her great expectations for their flagship game, Audition AyoDance.



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