CEPOT’s: Learning Business in A Cool Way!


SMAN 1 Bogor, better known as SMANSA is the first unique international public senior high school in Bogor. It has an extraordinary extracurricular activity: CEPOT’s. CEPOT’s has nothing to do with Cepot, a well-known character in Wayang Golek. CEPOT’s here stands for Company of Export Import Products of SMANSA, a business oriented extracurricular undertaking. In other words, it’s a student company. Wait… a student company? Read on to know more about it. yy

Yep, it’s a real company managed by students. CEPOT’s focuses on exporting Indonesian traditional products to foreign countries and importing stuff. Just like in the real business world, it has a president director, a vice president, and employees.

The Divisions

CEPOT’s has five divisions to keep the company running: Human Resource Development (HRD), Finance, Marketing, Production, and International Networking, each of which is led by a vice president. The International Networking opens connections with other companies, and maintains them. This student company also pays a salary to its “businessmen,” students who have joined this lucrative activity. In short, this is the place where we learn the ropes about business and apply them using two strategies: personal sale and share sale.

Selling Strategies

First, all of CEPOT’s members, managerial staff as well as employees try to sell goods to the customers. Snacks and stationery are common trading goods in the national market, while batik and traditional foods are more export­ oriented.

The second strategy—share sale—gives the company an opportunity to raise capital by selling its shares. This activity also has to be done by all the members of CEPOT’s. The share holders will get dividends at the end of the year. The whole SMANSA family always looks forward to our most popular annual business activity, Ice Day, where we sell nothing but ice cream.


CEPOT’s became the first-place winner of JABODETABEK Student Business Competition (organized by Prestasi Junior Indonesia and Prudential) and Bogor Business Simulation Competition (organized by IPB). At the latter, we even beat student companies managed by university students!