Sample of English National Exam

  1. What should interested readers do ?
    A. Send the employers their resume
    B. Call to register
    C. Go to the fair
    D. Check the website
  2. Where will the fair be held?
    A. At employer’s office.
    B. At locations around the country.
    C. At the meeting center in Jakarta Convention Center.
    D. In Jakarta Convention Center
    Welcome to the Jogjakarta Public Library. Books can only be borrowed by members. Anyone who resides, works, pays property taxes, or attends school in Jogjakarta, is eligible to be Library member. To be a member you just simply register yourself in the front desk. You will be asked to fill a form, show your ID card, and pay registration fee. Most books can be borrowed for 28 days. Borrowing can be  prolonged  once for 10 days if no one else wants the book.
    What does the text tell us?

    A. How to register to be a librarian.              C. How to renew the library.
    B. How to be the library member.                  D. How to buy the book.

  4. Uni       :  I heard that you are going abroad, is that right?
    Imron  : That’s right. I am going to leave for Singapore next week
    Uni       : Could you tell me where you stay in Singapore?
    Imron  : OK, just give me your phone number.
    From the dialogue, How will Imron tell her address?
    A. By telling directly.                                    C. By calling Uni
    B. By staying in Singapore.                          D. By leaving for Indonesia.


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