Dabbing Millennial Pink to Your Makeup


Millennial pink? What’s that? It’s a shade darker than baby pink but softer than peach and shocking pink. The shade has been around for a few years because it isn’t too girly and even can be incorporated into some male outfits. Millennial pink has been used for clothes, interiors, or makeup. Want to know how to use millennial pink in your makeup?

1. Lipstick

Who says only those with fair skin can rock lipsticks with millennial pink shade? The color is perfect for almost every skin tone. First thing first, you need to be confident to wear it. Then, as millennial pink is a calm and soothing shade rather than a shocking one, give a bolder focus on your eyes to balance your look. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t tone down your make up when you want to go with a millennial pink lipstick. This shade is also a ‘go’ for a natural effortless look.

2. Eye Shadow

Besides for lipstick, millennial pink is one of the best shades for eye shadow. The tint has a classic look that will enhance your look in a subtle but timeless way. The key to use millennial pink as your eye shadows is to balance it with your blush. Don’t go overboard. Remember: Simple is better. Save your theatrical side for other shades.

3. Blush On

Millennial pink is mostly used as a shade for blush. Emma Stone knows how to rock millennial pink as her blush. It gives her a chic look that compliments her skin tone. Not only Emma Stone, Rihanna also takes an advantage of millennial pink to perfect her blush. It shows that millennial pink is not the monopoly of a certain skin tone. Anyone can use it as long as they know how to mix and match it. The key is moderation. You need to know how to tone down or up when needed.

By Reza Adara