For SMP & SMA Students


Reading comprehension is included in all standardized English tests. You have it on your semester and national exams. So, why not prepare for it! The following reading comprehension practice test helps improve your reading speed and comprehension.

Reading for Details

Reading for details is one type of reading comprehension skill. Detail questions ask about specific information in the text.

Strategies for answering detail questions are:

  • Read the questions first.
  • Read the text quickly to find the answers. Do not read word for
    • The questions often follow the order of the information presented in the text.
    • The correct answers are often a restatement of what is stated in the passage.
    • If the question has the word not or incorrect, choose the answer that is not true or not mentioned in the text.

Reading Comprehension Practice Test

Choose the best answers to the questions.


Dapur Bunda

Come discover our new chef and menu
Wednesday, May 17th/ Jl. Cemara no.161

Rp 100,000 fixed price

A 5-course testing menu featuring products from our local farms. Fresh pick every day.
7.00 p.m. – 1st seating
9.00 p.m. -2nd seating

For reservations:  (022) 720-7224
Or via our website

  1. The restaurant serves the testing menu….
      1. every day
      2. every Wednesday
      3. in the morning
      4. in the afternoon
      5. in the evening
  2. From the advertisement, we know that the restaurant ….
    1. is located on a farm
    2. serves food from fresh ingredients
    3. serves a full meal for Rp 100.000 every day
    4. serves five dishes daily
    5. has a new website

April 11, 2017
Garuda Electronics
Jl. Buana Raya no. 18

Dear Mr Abraham Samudera,

As you may know, Thomas Electronics has changed its name to Global Electronics due to significant expansion of our business corporation. Please note that there have been no changes in the management; so we will be providing the same products and service.

However, our email address will be changed to The old email address will continue to be operational into the foreseeable future.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and look forward to delivering your new orders under the new company name.

Thomas Montana

  1. Thomas Montana wrote the letter to announce the change of the company’s ….
    1. product
    2. service
    3. management
    4. name
    5. address
  1. Which of the following statement cannot be concluded?
    1. Abraham works for Garuda Electronics.
    2. Abraham is a loyal client.
    3. The company is under a new management.
    4. The company still uses the old email address for the time being.
    5. The company has grown bigger.


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