Pisces (Feb.19 – Mar.20)


You may have a different attitude about past events, but why don’t you make everything fresh and shiny from where you stand now. Isn’t it amazing what time can do when you let it


Aquarius (Jan.20 – Feb.18)
Yes, you’ve got a great plan, but you might need to refine it just a bit before you go through with it. See if you can take some time and go over it in your mind before you make it really happen.


Aries (Mar.21 – Apr.19)
Try not to worry about whether or not your friends or family are doing things right. Instead, focus on your own creative energy. They’ll figure out their own problems and so will you.


Taurus (Apr.20 – May 20)
You need to open up to someone else’s ideas – even if he/she’s been wrong in the past. Sometimes it helps to hear the input of others to provoke your own creativity.


Gemini (May 21 – Jun.20)
You have to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground – even though it may seem as if you’re better off going out into space. Keep it real and people will be able to keep up with you


Cancer (Jun.21 – Jul.22)
Don’t you know the social media are not the ideal place to pour out your heart? You’d better have a talk with adults like your parents or your counseling teacher. Shouting on the social media will only make your problems worse.


Leo (Jul.23 – Aug.22)
You have more to think about than anyone realizes, so you may need to have a time out for a bit to get it all worked out. Take your time and consider every last option!


Virgo (Aug.23 – Sep.22)
Even if you’re feeling rather frisky and want to challenge someone superior and cause trouble, try to keep your head down. Docking and unloading your project will take a bit longer than you wish, but you’ll finish eventually.


Libra (Sep.23 – Oct.22)
When a friend of yours is in trouble, show your compassionate, gentle side. Be your usual sweet, witty self and watch the dramatic effect as you seriously change a person’s life for the better. Isn’t it sweet?


Scorpio (Oct.23 – Nov.21)
Once you take your ego out of the equation, you should be able to see the problem clearly. Sometimes the problem isn’t as big as you thought before.


Sagittarius (Nov.22 – Dec.21)
Feeling sleepy and dizzy lately? It’s your body telling you to pay more attention to your health. Drink a lot of water, eat fruit and veggies, and cut out that junk food you usually consume.


Capricorn (Dec.22 – Jan.19)
No matter what’s going on, you have to think through your responses before reacting. It might be hard at first, but the more you do it, the easier it will get to let your brain step in.