Small is Great



What is it like studying in a small, new school and being surrounded only by a small circle of friends? Tyna and Oki from Global Prestasi School (GPS) will tell you more about it.

GPS is located in Kalimalang, Bekasi. Since it is a new school, it had only three grade 10 classes and the total number of the students is only 70 in 2005. But with its great facilities and its unique learning system, we never feel bored at all to be here.

The Facilities

Let us take you to a tour on our beloved school. As you enter this school, you will find some special rooms to study. The first room that you’ll see is the Com­puter Room. Students can use the computers any time they need with the teacher’s permission. The next room is the IT (Information Technology) Lab. Here, the students can access the Internet and make use of all its features, from emailing to browsing for information that can assist them in studying.

In the Music Room you can see a set of drum, two electric guitars, keyboards, and other stuff. Students can practice playing musical instruments here during music lesson and during recess.

Do you sometimes have loads of things to bring to school and don’t know where to keep them all or worry that you might lose one of thern? In Global Prestasi School, you have no reason to worry about that because every student has a locker to put his/her stuff. It’s really safe and useful!

Learning System

Who says school is boring? Let us show you how fun the learning process is here. Have you ever felt not in a good mood for studying, or sleepy during the morning lesson? No need to worry, our school has the solution to your problems. In the morning from 06:45 to 07:00, before the lesson is started, we do morning exercises to refresh our mind and body. This activity is led by our Physical Education teacher.  After the morning exercises, you’d go to your class­room. You’ll see that the size of the classroom is tinier than usual. Yes, it’s smaller since there’re only 23 students in every class. This allows both the students and the teachers to focus more in the learning-teaching process.

What makes this school even more unique is that there are two teachers for the trickier subjects like Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. One of the teachers explains the concepts in front of the class and the other one will help the students who haven’t understood the concept, yet. The latter also assists students while they practice. So every student gets more attention from the teachers. Great, huh?